Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TNR Exclusive: More Selections From Ron Paul’s Newsletters

PDF links to authorship:

Ron Paul thanks readers in 1996, explains why he can't write newsletters any more:

"It's horrible, but the congressional  lawyers have told me that this must be the last issue of The Ron Paul Survival Report."

The June 1991 Political Report invited readers to “Join Me” at a conference, mentioning that Rockwell and Rothbard would be speaking alongside Paul.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ron Paul News Letters exposed by The New Republic in 2008

They used to be accessible to the public here:
but are only in wayback machine now:

Ron Paul Newsletters

April1993.pdf139.31 KB
December1989.pdf835.95 KB
February1990.pdf268.29 KB
FreedomApril1978.pdf974.28 KB
FreedomAugust1983.pdf368.17 KB
FreedomMay1979.pdf262.77 KB
InvestmentLetterApril1988.pdf123.6 KB
InvestmentLetterFeb1992.pdf646.55 KB
InvestmentLetterMay1988.pdf111.25 KB
InvestmentOctober1992.pdf311.69 KB
January1988.pdf88.18 KB
January1990.pdf109.81 KB
January1992.pdf264.45 KB
January1993.pdf151.34 KB
July1990.pdf115.96 KB
July1992.pdf597.48 KB
June1996.pdf101.75 KB
March1993.pdf240.83 KB
masthead.pdf342.51 KB
May1990.pdf130.04 KB
May1995.pdf205.34 KB
May1996.pdf99.93 KB
November1989.pdf423.24 KB
November1992.pdf242.96 KB
personalletter.pdf118.12 KB
PoliticalReportOctober1992.pdf309 KB
PoliticalReportSep1988.pdf930.98 KB
PoliticaReportApril1989.pdf653.8 KB
RRR.pdf329.65 KB
Senate1984.pdf892.87 KB
September1994.pdf106.94 KB
September1995.pdf109.73 KB
UrbanViolence.pdf1.01 MB

None of the links work, but you might be able to find copies online knowing the names.

Some people say you need to register to view them.  Obviously no one anticipated a time they wouldn't be viewable because the pdfs are hard to find. This is why the few in our personal archives have been republished in full on this blog:

These are made available so people considering supporting Ron Paul can make a fully informed choice.

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Ron Paul with friend and donor Don Black of